Giato Iced Coffee-Mocha (Ready-to-Serve)
Giato Iced Coffee-Mocha (Ready-to-Serve)

Giato Iced Coffee-Mocha (Ready-to-Serve)

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New Life Coffee's Caramel Mocha combines the flavors of smooth caramel with rich, decadent chocolate. Medium roasted specialty coffee beans flavored with caramel and chocolate.

Giato is New Life Coffee's exclusive ready-to-serve beverage product brand. This premium iced coffee beverage is produced with artisan-roasted, specialty Arabica coffee blended with milk, cane sugar, and other all-natural ingredients. 

• Simple, all-natural ingredients
• Made with milk from cows not treated with rBST
• Up to 45-day shelf life (when kept refrigerated at temperature less than 40°F)

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